94' v6 camaro


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94' v6 camaro

i have a series of problems that all deal with cold start up

1) when starting my car, clicking noises resonate from the front of the car along with rythmic noises. i changed my oil and treated it with smoke out to fix possible noisy lifters.

the clicking noises persist for about 3-5 minutes, then dissappear slowly, thus we come to problem number two

2) after reaching about 50% of normal operating temperatures the car laggs, jerks. all i can describe are the rpms which go from 1,000 - 500 on extremely bad "jerks." when i rev the car, the oil pressure goes up along with rpm's which just doesnt seem natural to me.

where the jerking and lagging are coming from are difficult to describe
some of it is generating in the front of the car which is common when im idling
but when im driving, i can hear and feel a wobble in the back of the car

the result of the jerking and lagging is definitely lost power. when trying to get the car to move i have to give it more gas than usual and get it into the 2,000 rpm range so the car will take off smoothly.

the car is in the shop and will probably be fixed
but i need to know
1) what can i do to keep these problems from occurring again
2) what parts i should be looking at, what i am looking for, and where those parts are on the car
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after talking with my mechanic he suggested i take it to an engine rebuilding shop, which would fix my lifters, fuel pump, water pump etc as part of the routine but at a huge price.........1600 bucks

it still sounds like these problems can be fixed without completely rebuilding the engine
am i just getting ripped off, played, or are the problems mentioned above really going to ruin my engine

need the advice, can ask for more info if needed
any technical expertise would work great

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