99 Dodge Caravan Serpentine Belt slips off in rain


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Flustered Steve
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Question 99 Dodge Caravan Serpentine Belt slips off in rain

My 99 Dodge Caravan with the 3.3 liter V6 engine has the serpentine belt slip off any time we have to drive through a rain gutter or drain way with more than 2 inches deep of water in a rain storm. I've replaced the idler pulley bracket as the dealer recommended, and the tensioner as another on line reader recommended, and it still slips off when wet. What else can I do? I hear this is common with this engine, and one on line reader said he had installed a "retainer" on the tensioner pulley that was manufactured by chrysler just for this problem. My dealer's parts counter hasn't heard of it, and can't find it in the computer. Anyone ever heard of such a thing?
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is the inner plastic splash shield still on the vehicle or has it been removed if its not there start by installing one.
looke close at all pulleys to see if any are out of alignment.
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there's a TSB...

...so...did the dealer perform this procedure?

the bulletin # is...07-02-99 and it's for belt slipping off due to snow or water
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My 98 Caravan 3.3 belt started falling off right after I changed it for being 5 years old. First time was 2 weeks after I put it on in the middle of a snowstorm and was driving thru slush. Second time 1 month later driving thru puddle after it had rained. I did check for pulley alignment and weak tensioner and missing guards , but only after replacing the belt for a second time with another Chrysler part same # has it stopped falling off "I hope". Its been a year now I still try not to drive thru any water do you think I've fixed it?
Good Luck
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Thanks for advice

Thanks for all of your replies. First, the plastic shield is still there, so I don't think that is the problem. I have checked the alignment and it looks perfect. Also, if the alignment were out, wouldn't the belt "walk" off even if it were dry? Anyway, I think the alignment of the pulleys is OK. The TSB on this issue was good, and it was what suggested the change of the Idler pulley bracket. I did that replacement myself with the new bracket from the dealer, and it met all the requirements of the TSB. It is interesting that this problem didn't occur for me either until I changed the belt this summer, just like you described. I have not tried another replacement belt, and I am going to look into it . . . Thanks for the idea and experience. Any more advice would be welcome!

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