'97 Kia Sephia starts fine but won't move


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'97 Kia Sephia starts fine but won't move

I have and automatic 97 sephia around 71,000 miles and this morning when i started it it struggled for about 20 feet then just stop the smell was horrible.
I checked the oil and it was low but not deadly low i added some and tried again i got it to go in reverse and got it back down the drive but that was it
I can lay on the gas and it revs and banged once but won't move. I tried to check the transmission fluid but couldn't find it anywhere i don't have the manual any help would be so great.
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1997-99: Wires at C123 and C124 connectors can be put under tension by engine movement, loosening them, which can cause engine stalling.
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the engine isn't stalling at all it's purring right along the car just won't move.
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Time to visit a tras shop for a probably expensive rebuild. Did you ever change the trans fluid on that car? Loud banging noises are never a good thing.

You could also have a locked up emergeny brake or locked up piston. You could try first jacking up each wheel and see if it spins by hand. If it does, then the trans is probably dead.
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Read Jeff and Psycho Riggs Post


I was thinking along the Fuel Pump Relay also.

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I had a Toyota Tercel that did

this, the CV joint had given up. You may want to have a look at the CV joints on both sides....especially if you've been hearing a noise that sounds like marbles sliding around before this happened.

Hope this helps!
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If it smells bad and won't move reving the engine will just cost you more money to repair the trans.Banging noises in transmissions is not good by the way.Tow it to a trans shop that you can trust and ask them to diagnose it and advise on repair cost.

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