1997 Bonneville SSEII droning noise


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1997 Bonneville SSEII droning noise

I have a droning/humming noise happening in my 1997 Bonneville. It occurs at different speeds and different rpm. As I speed up, the noise changes and then when you take your foot off the accelerator, it changes, but the drone is there all the time. Although it does seem to disappear when I turn hard left or right. I can feel a very slight vibration on the floor. Thinking it might be the cv joints, but I'm not quite sure how to diagnose the problem.
Any suggestions as to what it might be or how I might diagnose it and if it could be the cv joints, how do I fix it.
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could be a wheel bearing or tire problem or even brake related doesnt sound like a cv joint from your description.
you can jack each wheel up and rotate the wheel looking closely at each tire for any problems and also check for any free movement by wiggling the tire up and down and side to side should be no noticable play.
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A droning sound could also be the power steering pump. If you get an increase in the noise when turning the steering wheel when stopped with the engine running, check the pump for fluid. Then turn the steering wheel lock to lock several times to purge any air.

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