problems with horn...when the finger wont do it justice...


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problems with horn...when the finger wont do it justice...

im guys rock.....quick question....when i bought my 90 oldsmobile cutlass supreme international, i found out that my horn did not work. i didnt think it was an issue of major concern...however, in milwaukee...people drive like FOOLS and change lanes without looking, and there have been many a times when a horn would have been useful, and lot safer way to get the drivers attention, rather than slamming on the brakes or yelling out the window. i dont think its a fuse problem becuase there are no other problems involving electronics and whatnot in my car. ive found in past cars that the same fuse that controls the horn often controls other functions, such as the dome light and cigarette lighter. any suggestions?? is it still possible that it could be a fuse problem?
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could be a fuse. you should look.

but theres other components too.

Horn button
Horn Relay
Horn itself.
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direct horn

Wire the horn direct to the battery it should blow if not it is the horn and if it works it is one of the other two.
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They have another solution around here.

It's a bumper sticker that says "Horn broke, Watch for Finger".

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