Ford Ranger Block Heater


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Ford Ranger Block Heater

Hey all, a friend of mine is in need of an Engine Heater for her Ford Ranger. I believe it is an early '90s / late '80s model. (I'll find out later today hopefully) She is now going to college in The Great White North, ie. Canada, so not much money to spend. A dealer there wants $35 for the part and like $60 for the install. I have done some searching and have come up kinda blank on Block Heaters and the like.

My questions are: Where can I/she find a block heater? What is a good brand? How hard is it to install? etc. etc.

Thanks in advance!!!
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most block heaters either splice into the lower radiater hose or install into the block at a freeze plug location. the price quoted sounds reasonable.
a dealer or most parts stores would have block heaters, as an alternative you could try using an oil heater which simply inserts into the oil dipstick tube.
maybe someone else will reply about which brand would work better.
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oil pan heater

Sorry I don't know brands, but you could also install an oil pan heater. It's magnetic so you put it on the night b4 and take it off b4 u start the vehicle.
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Brands like ZeroStart or Kats come to mind but the block heater is a bit of a pain to install but I think it's the best. i think if I was in your shoes I would consider donating a small amount of funds to have the heater installed. That price sounds reasonable. Here's a link to look and view their catalog. You can get the block heaters at almost any auto parts store.
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Just curious..... Where in the 'Great White Canada' is she going to school.. If its anywhere west of the rockies she wont need a block heater..but if its east of the probably would be a good idea, assuming her vehicle is parked outside.

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