Service Engine Soon Light


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Service Engine Soon Light

98 Ford Windstar, 3.8 Liter, 132,000 miles. I need some advice. the repair shop says the codes say I need to replace the Intake manifold runner controls. The repair is like $800 is this an average cost for this type of repair? Also when merging on the highway the pickup isn't the same anymore could it be due to the Intake manifold runner controls?
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I can't speak to that particular diagnosis, but if you want to backcheck the codes, you might go by the local AutoZone if there's one in your area. They'll read your codes for free
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The diagnosis sounds correct but the price sounds pretty steep. The runner controls are on the exterior of the intake manifold and usually can be changed with a minumum of dissassembly. Is this all they were doiing? I would guess the parts around $100 per side.
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First check the vacuum hoses going to the motors and then check the linkage I have seen both problems on these. Vacuum leak has been at the vacuum canister.
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This is all they are doing. They want $234 for each runner control. I called another shop and they wanted $740 for the repair. I live here in Chicago and it is way to cold for me to try this myself and my garage isn't heated and I'm just getting over pnuemonia. Thanks for the help.

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