front wheel bearings


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front wheel bearings

ok i;ve been butting my head up against a wall. my son has a 1991 geo prism lsi (sorry not sure about the size motor other than a 4 cylinder).i was replacing the front c.v. joint when i noticed the bearing needed replacing. guys i have cut the bearing with a dremel cutting wheel,i have hammered,chiseled till i'm blue in the face,i took off the (locking ring) and this thing hasn't budged.tell me how do you get that bearing out? does it have to be pressed out?? i told him i'll just buy a used hub instead but i still wanna know how do you get this bearing out.i might be give out but i haven't given up. thanks.
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Yes it does have to be pressed out. I've never seen anyone hammer one out. It comes out the outside, not the inner side. By the way, was this play in the bearing that you mentioned something you noticed while the axle was out. The axle nut is the thing that pull the bearing together. It's possible for the bearing races to spread with the axle removed giving the illusion of a loose bearing.
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thank you

not that you have cured my headache i have learnt something.the wheel had alot of free play with the axle on and the nut that screws on the axle was as tight as it would go. curious, some of these auto parts stores offer a (free loan a tool) is there somethig like a bearing puller or would i have to go to a machine shop to get the next bearing pressed out? thanks again.!!
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I think this is a Toyota? It has to be pressed and it comes out from the inside.

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