2000 Sonoma clutch problems


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2000 Sonoma clutch problems

Friday on the way home to work, I noticed that I had to push in the clutch a bit further to shift gears on my Sonoma. Didn't think too much about it at the time.

This morning, on the drive in to work, I had to floor the damn clutch just to get it into gear, and even then, I have to finesse it in, because there's a lot of resistance. This only just started to happen in the last few days, and, if it makes any difference, the last few days have been bitterly cold here (Detroit). Could the cold be affecting this, or is the clutch going, or...?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Is the clutch master cylinder full?If it is sounds like you may need synthetic gear oil in the trans.If it were mine I would try that before putting in a new clutch.What mileage is on the truck?
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142 K.

The place I took it to said I would need a new clutch, master and slave cylinder. He said I could probably get by without replacing the master for a while. $800 for all of the work. Minus $180 if I didn't want to replace the master.

My brother (a mechanic in another life) said that it sounded like BS to him. He's going to call the guy himself to see what he says.
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That makes sense. The slave cylinder requires transmission removal. It would be real smart to replace the clutch and pressure plate whille all this was apart and replacing the clutch master also is good advice.

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