Renault Clio Battery light will not go out


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Renault Clio Battery light will not go out

A couple of weeks ago I changed the clutch cable on the car, I had the battery off over night. I went to start it up the next morning and the battery light came on. Over the next couple of days it went flat.

I have since checked all the cabling and fuses etc, incase i caught something whilst changing the clutch cable, but with no joy.

I have since changed the battery, but this has made no difference, the alternator would be my next guess, the belt looks ok and is spinning ok.

Is their a easy way of checking as to wether the alternator is charging or not?

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most auto parts stores will test your alternator for free. most of them, you don't even have to take it out of the vehicle.
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If you have a volt meter, check the battery voltage when the engine is running, it should be about 14-14.5 volts. Check with it with lights on and defrost on, and whatever else you might be operating. The voltage shouldn't be very much lower with the accessories on, as oppossed to being off.

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