'89 Nissan> Please HELP!!!!


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Exclamation '89 Nissan> Please HELP!!!!

I need some assistance with my 1989 Nissan Sentra, Manual transmission, 2 dr sedan, 1.6? L (I should probably know that for sure....)

PROBLEM: when I turn the key to start, I get nothing...as if I had a dead battery...but when I turn the key off...all the little dummy lights come on (seatbelt, brakes, battery, etc) as if I was starting the car or had the key turned to ACC....before it just wouldn't start...not even a click...when we replaced cables and cleaned all the connections this started.

CARE & MAINTENANCE: Upkeep on my car is good...plugs, oil change, belts, hoses, etc...all on time...on 10/04/04 the starter was replaced....3/04/04 radiator and battery were replaced (not do to mechanical failure...(my fiancÚ missed a stop sign but didn't miss the Ford ) on 11/25/04 my clutch was adjusted> nothing else mechanical has failed or needed replacement in the time I have owned my car...

ATTEMPTED FIX: I have checked all wiring (what I can get to without taking steering column completely off) there is nothing that is the obvious fault. No one certified has looked at it (I'm a full time student and can't afford towing fees & shop fees....just one at a time..LOL)

Any information on how to be sure what the problem is would be greatly appreciated.

My car has 160,000 miles...last person I talked to told me to buy a new car...even if that were a possibility, I wouldn't...I love my car.. ...we've been through a lot of miles together...
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I'm tryin to understand your problem: paragraph.

You're saying that when you turn the key off (so you can take the key out) all the dash lights are on? Or are you saying the engine is not running, but the key is in the "On" position.

If thats not the case, and its just not starting... If this happened when you took the cables off and cleaned them. I would re-check the ground cables. and the cables to the starter.
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when I turn the key, as if to take it out, engine not running....ground cable has been re-checked.. sorry I wasn't more clear..anymore ideas?
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Check if your headlight are working in ON key position. Might be the ignition switch. If your Battery is not charging could be your Alternator(wiring defective).

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