1992 Honda Civic repair


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1992 Honda Civic repair

I am trying to repair a 1992 Honda Civic – replace the water pump. The engine is a D15B7, 1.5L, 16V, 91.1cid. I have a Haynes manual and have followed all the steps up to the point where I need to find TDC.

I have removed the lower flywheel cover and distributor cap. I have a wrench on the crankshaft pulley to turn the engine over. The manual says “remove the plug from the bell housing and locate the timing marks inside the bell housing access hole.” The illustration shows this plug to be just below the upper radiator hose at the engine block, above the engine identification number (D15B7). I cannot see a plug there or for that matter, anywhere near the flywheel.

I have a suspicion that I might have to pull the starter motor?

Anyway, if anyone knows where that inspection plug is located, please let me know.

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The rubber plug is black and fits in a rectangular hole about 3/4 inch wide and 2 inches long. It has kind of a t shape on the end. Just pull it out. It is on the front side toward the top of the bell housing. No need to pull the starter.

The plugs don't fit very tight. It could have fallen out so look for the hole.

I assume you are putting a timing belt(s) on while you are at it. Good idea to do so while you have it apart.

Hint. If that engine has balancer shafts call Honda and get a front balancer seal retainer if they make one for your engine and put it on . It is simple to do and they are about $5.00 or less I think. Early hondas with balancer shafts are known for oil pressure pushing the front balancer shaft seal out of the block. It oils the timing belt, then it breaks and could ruin the engine.
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car nut,
Thanks for responding so quickly. Your advice seems well worth following and yes, I plan on replacing the timing belt after making sure it was the water pump that was making the "howling noise".

I left out some (probably) important information. It is a manual transmission - don't know if that makes a difference.

Anyway, it seems I'm looking where you are describing (and the manual) but I just don't see the plug. I'll attempt to add a picture taken from near the radiator pointing toward the bellhousing.
<img src=http://www.members.aol.com/jfike63506/graphics/bellhousing.jpg>
I thought I would find it near the "HM" stamp. Any other ideas?

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On our 93 Prelude it is just left (looking from the front of the car) of the HM stamp and just above the engine # stamp. But ours is an automatic. Go to hondahookup.com there you can find the factory manual on line for free.

It is a little difficult to find your way around. I print the index page showing the symbols for engine, brakes, etc. Then as you scroll the pages you can atleast see if you are infront or behind the section you want.

If it has not been removed before be ready for the bolt that holds harmonic balancer onto the crankshaft to be a bear to get off.

I can't imagine you have to pull the starter because you need to start the engine to set the timing.

I have heard of people taking a razor blade and cutting the old belt down the center all the way around. Then losen the tensioner enough to take the outer half of the belt off then slide the new belt halfway on. Then cut the old belt half and remove. Then finish sliding the new belt on. this way it can't get out of time.

The only problem I see is if you can then make sure the belt stays in place on the crank and cam sprockets while you loosen the tensioner and I do not know if there will be enough room to get the water pump out from behind the belt. I have heard of this being done on other cars but I don't know if it will work on a Honda. I may be doind a 90 civic soon so I will see if it will work.

If you do the cut the belt thing and can't get the water pump off without taking the belt off you can carefully put a dab of paint on a tooth and matching groove on the cam & crank sprockets for reference when you put the belt back on.

I had a grinding noise on an 85 civci that turned out to be the water pump. The bearing was so bad the shaft had cocked and the impeller was grinding a slot in the block.

I have a small needle from a syringe epoxyed or soldered to a grease zerk fitting. I carefully slide the needle under the seal and grease the tensioner bearing while I have it off. It works great for lots of bearings. I can even grease Honda front wheel bearings when the axle is out. It really helps to have a helper pump the grease gun as it is trickey to keep the little needle inplace and not damage the seal.

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