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Just bought an '85 MR2. Engine is Stock, Manual Transaxle
Fuel Pump was seized, replaced. When cranked engine, I'm getting an Idle around 2200 RPM. When you give it a sharp push on the accelerator the engine stalls. If you feather the pedal, it speeds up the engine. Additionally, the check engine light is on. No obvious vacuum leaks. My Haynes manual says to check the base timing, cross the T & E1 terminals on the diagnostic connector. When I do this I'm getting a flashing on my check engine light. Flashes 4, then 6, then 11, pauses and starts over.
Is this how the codes are checked on this vehicle? Does anyone have any idea what's going on from this info. I would also appreciate someone posting the codes for this ECU.
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I don't have the code info at home, 11 is the switch sig ie. not seeing idle or the a/c switch is on.

I found this at BAT Auto

As far as stalling I would check fuel pressure.

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