Transmission blow out? Buick Century 1990


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Angry Transmission blow out? Buick Century 1990

Hi, I'm new to these forums and was looking around for help on a problem i've just had and this seemed like a likely place to get a quick free answer.

Any help would be appreciated.

I own a 1990 buick century custom ls. 3.3L V6 Automatic 4speed.
Was driving home for lunch the other day going about 20 because the guy in front of me was turning, went to speed up again after the guy got outa my way and heard/felt the car shift into the next gear REAL hard. I was worried for a second and drove the rest of the way home straining my ears for some kinda bad sound. Nothing. Got back into the car about 20 min later to go back to work and the car would rev long and loud before kicking into any gear (even first). The whole way to work (about a 10 min drive) the car wouldn't accelerate hardly and had a very very difficult time shifting.

I Called a friend of mine who told me to check the transmission fluid. Did so and seemed like there was nearly none in there. Don't know how that happened as I just had the oil changed and a fluid check about 2 1/2 months ago. And I never see a puddle of anything other than water underneath (from A/C). Anyways, 2 quarts of Transmission fluid later...The car WILL shift into reverse (it would do that even before i added fluid) and can accelerate that way, but will NOT shift into ANY forward moving gear. Even from a bit of a rolling start. Someone said that because the transmission ran dry it may have clogged the filter up, but I can't see that after letting the car sit for 2 days and filling up the transmission etc that it wouldn't shift AT ALL if it was just the filter.

Bascially I am trying to see if anyone has any ideas as I am a poor college student who works full time and can't whip out $1200 and up for a new/rebuilt transmission. I'm not the most knowledgable car guy in the world so i may just be stuck with getting a new/rebuilt...somehow..but if anyone has any tips or tricks or things I can check for free/cheap I would deffienently appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!
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If the trans was run any amount of time 2 quarts low it's probably toasted.Time to call around for prices.
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yeh that's what i figgured, the weird thing is the car never made any abnormal noises and never seemed to have any problem shifting. As a matter of fact I was always impressed with how well the car ran and accelerated considering it's age/make.

found one place that will replace it for $995...we shall see...

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