removing auto decals


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removing auto decals

I just bought an old fleet vehicle and I want to remove the remenants of the painted on telephone numbers and the adhesive decals that have been on there for years and years. Is their a product I can use that will work without removing the underlying factory paint job?
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peel of one corner and spray wd-40 to ease removing


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What about the portion that has been painted on?
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I would suspect that the areas under the decals have not been sun faded over the " years and years". Removing the decals will leave shadow marks. I think a cheap repaint may be the easiest out.
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A heat gun to gently heat the decals should remove them quite easily.

I have removed painted lettering by wiping with oven cleaner sprayed on a dampened rag.
This will affect the paint but the lettering usually "gives" first.
Some types of lettering are harder to remove and a repaint or judiciously applied decal will cover what you want to hide.

Hey, maybe you can have the RoadRunner and Wiley Coyote like you always wanted.

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