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loud clicking engine noise

I have a loud knocking noise coming from the valve cover area. the vehicle is a1996 grand voyager se 3.3L. I have about 140k in miles. When I remove the oil cap I can hear the clicking louder. What could be the problem and what is the resolution? I have a engine light. With the code reader I get 0134 which I believe to be the upstream O2 sensor. I have had no major problems on the engine. I changed Oil, spark plugs and wires about three months ago.

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Maybe someone else can help with the code.
Sounds like you need to take the valve cover off. You may have any of the following.
1. Rocker arm nut loose if so get new one.
2. Rocker arm and or pivot ball wear. If so replace worn parts.
3. Broken or worn pushrod end or the mating end of the rocker arm may be bad. If so replace bad parts.
4. If the rocker arm or related parts are discolored or looks like it has burned oil residue on it, start the engine and see if that rocker arm is failing to get oil. Have a helper hold the valve cover over the area when you start. Some engines squirt oil all over and some just dribble. If the oil on that engine comes up the push rod I have seen the hole in the end of the rocker arm drilled in the wrong place so it will not line up with the hole in the rocker arm, thus no oil gets to the rocker arm.
5. If none of the above the lifter may have collapsed & will need replaced.
6. After repair, adjust the valve per the manual.

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