Brake Light Failure 95 Suburban


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Brake Light Failure 95 Suburban

None of my brake lights work...left, right, or 3rd light at the top of the back of the suburban. When I press the pedal I hear the click (like a relay). Don't know if that means the brake pedal switch is working. The whole lighting system was messed up (turn signals, hazards, brake lights except for 3rd light) and I replaced the multi-function switch on the column. Everything worked fine for a week. Now, everything else works except the brake lights, with or without the trailer hooked up. I have a Tekonsha Voyager brake controller hooked up and pressing the brakes does not activate the trailer brakes (but I can activate them manually). There is no "juice" in the white wire at the 10 pin connector I tapped into for the controller per installation instructions for the control. Don't know about the hot side of the brake switch because it's hard to get to.

Is there another place to check that hot wire to the switch? What color is it? The fuses are good, and I have checked with voltmeter--voltage is passing to cold side of fuse.

Any help in tracking this would be much appreciated. Can anyone give me the points in order that the electricity flows through on the way to the bulbs?

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I won't be much help!
Here's what I found

#1fuse controls brake light, flasher and buzzer.

Dealer might replace brake switch and directional switch situatedin steering column.

Suburban are equipped with extra wiring harness for connecting trailer lights.
Check out the harness for problem

If everything fail get OBD trouble code. Might point you in right direction.
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Thanks for checking on it.

Here's what I'm thinking. If you disagree, let me know please.

Should not be the trailer wiring since there is no voltage on the cold side of the least, at the place where it is recommended to hook up the Brake Control wire to vehicle brakes. Problem is upstream somewhere from trailer wiring.

Should not be the multi function switch on column since 1) everything works on that except brake lights, 2) it has just been replaced, 3) Third brake light does not work and its function does not depend on multifunction switch.

Buzzer works, and stops working when #1 fuse is removed, so that fuse is not the problem.

Question: Does the wire going FROM #1 Fuse go directly to hot side of Brake light switch?

Question: Does wire from cold side of brake light switch go to a relay that might be a problem? Note that I am getting a clicking sound, like a relay, when the pedal is depressed, which indicates (?) the brake light switch is working (or does it?)

Note: I do not know if the white wire in the ten wire connector where I tapped in for the brake controller ...I don't know if that wire is before a relay, after a relay, or independent of a relay. I hear it clicking, but haven't been able to locate it yet.
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I'm not a mechanic

1-Light bulb failure
2-Ground Wire
3-Rusted connector (Wiring harness)

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