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Need Advice 2002 Toyota Corolla CEL

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01-20-05, 06:25 AM   #1  
Need Advice 2002 Toyota Corolla CEL

I need some guidance on what is the next step. I got a CEL on a 2002 Corolla with 136,000 miles. The only code they pulled was a '440' and they suggested the O2 sensors be replaced. They were both replaced and the light remained out for a couple of days. It's back on. The service people want to replace the cat but it is very expensive and from what I'm reading, if you don't know what caused a cat failure, the new one will fail as well. So, any advice on what to do next?

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01-20-05, 07:54 AM   #2  
Who are these people?

I thought a P0440 was an evap system control malfunction
I'm not really fluent in OBD II and I'm sure someone who is will chime in
But I'm pretty sure 440s-450s are evap

If it is evap it has nothing to do with the O2 sensor or the cats, it's a charcoal canister that "cleans" gas fumes

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01-20-05, 11:36 AM   #3  
What a rip.

Slick is right. Your problem could be as simple as your gas cap isen't tight. You should hear 3 clicks when you tighten your cap. Hope this helps.

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01-20-05, 12:55 PM   #4  
440 is major leak in the tank(usually gas cap)

Maybe you mean a 420 which is cat below efficiecy. Hence the cat replacement which could be bad through lack of maintenance (dirty airfilter)

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01-20-05, 06:58 PM   #5  
It sounds like the shop you went to are replacing parts without diagnosing the cause of the CEL and even diagnosed the code wrong as the other people here mentioned. I'd take the car to another shop, maybe a dealer, if you aren't able to fix it yourself. No need to pay a mechanic for expensive (or inexpensive) parts, including labor charges, to be replaced without a proper diagnosis. Try to get some kind of warranty that says what you're paying for will fix the problem or you'll get your money back or credit.
Another idea is to get a free code scan at auto zone and find out for sure what the code is, so if a shop fixes it and the light comes back on and claims its a different code that coincidently came on right after they fixed it, you can go back to autozone and have them scan the codes again to see if its the original code that wasn't fixed. Just thinking ahead.......

Hopefully you'll be able to fix it yourself from good advice here, or at least get a good idea of what is wrong.

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01-21-05, 04:23 AM   #6  
thanks everyone!! I'll be following up. You rock!

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