Transmission Noise/Lubricant


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Transmission Noise/Lubricant

I never know what to call my vehicle - import or domestic. It is a '92 Mazda B-4000, 5-speed manual, made in Canada, mostly Ford. Oh, well... Just 3 days ago I started noticing a slight high pitched transmission whine while under power. Also, while up-shifting from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd, I hear another momentary whine. If I double-clutch while shifting, I donít hear that whine. None of these noises are particularly loud, and they are not a gear-grind type of sound. I can turn up the radio a little bit and they are not noticeable, but they are a new/different sound and I am concerned about what the problem may be. Although I have not seen any sign of drips in the driveway where I park, I am going to check the lubricant level in the tranny. In checking my owners manual, it shows to use Dexron III ATF. Is that possibly correct? I am accustomed to using 90W gear lube in straight shift gearboxes. Assuming the fluid level is OK, what should I do at this point? I hesitate to pull the transmission and have it disassembled just for a whine. Should I wait and see if it seems to get worse? I donít want to spend $$ unnecessarily, nor sooner than I must, if a delay wonít make any eventual repairs cost more than it would at this time. Any suggestions Ė both concerning the noise itself and the proper gear lube? Thanks
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sounds like realease bearing
its locate on the clutch fork, when you applied pressure on the clutch pedal it pushes the fork and the release bearing on the clutch pressure plate

you have to remove the trans and the bell housing to access the clutch compartment there you will see it


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You may also want to

check the clutch pedal's an adjustment to help the clutch fully release. Check you owner's manual or your trusty shop manual. Might be worth a quick check!
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