key immobilizer


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key immobilizer

i want to disable the key immobilizer in my 2003 dodge dakota. i put in a remote starter in but it doesn't work unless the key is in the ignition.
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Not a smart move taking that route (may not be possible either) IMHO.
The proper way to solve the problem is to install a transponder bypass module such as this one.
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need a bypassmoduke

You need a bypass module for your particular car. I was going to put in a remote starter also until I seen what it would cost me to get the bypass module and the extra key made. The extra key is placed in your steering column so it stays close to the ignition switch. It usually attaches to the bypass module. The bypass modules that don't require an extra key are usually mucho bucks.
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You should look at the link I provided, no key required. And I don't consider $39 "mucho bucks"

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Be forewarned if you have electrical problems down the road the diagnosis will be more costly after you add the remote start,Or as I have seen many times the remote no start go to the car no start either.Do as you wish but expect to pay down the road.Btw remote starts may be illegal in some areas if they don't lock the doors automatically or prevent the vehicle from starting without the doors being locked or a driver present in the vehicle.Meaning unattended vehicle operation which is a big fine in some areas.Before you say they sell them
here that does not mean it is legal.Window tint can be purchased almost anywhere in Pa but is still not legal.They get away with it by saying it may be for off road use.

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