Trickle Charger


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Trickle Charger

I have a car in storage for the winter. I leave the battery connected so I can start it periodically. Is it ok to hook a charger up and run a constant trickle charge to it.


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A regular trickle charger will eventually overcharge a battery. If you use one you should leave it off for a period of time. I would suggest charging it up and then take it off and when the voltage gets to about 11 volts hook it up and leave it on untill it reaches full charge. Then un-hook it and start over again.

Older cars have little or no drain when the car is off but newer cars can drain a battery dead in 2 weeks to a month or so depending on the draw form the computer etc. and the condition of the battery.

There are float type battery maintainers on the market now. You can leave them on all the time if you want. They sence when the battery is fully charged and automaticly back off or stop charging. When the battery charge drops to a certain level they will turn back on and bring it back up to full charge again.

Some are even pulse type that will de-sulfate the battery re-newing otherwise bad batterys and extending the life of good batterys.

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