'95 Astro van with poor idle


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'95 Astro van with poor idle

A friend of mine drives a 4.3l-equipped '95 Astro van. The other day, I get news that it set the Check engine light while on the road, and once in town the idle was rough. When I went to check on it yesterday, it started and ran, but the idle WAS rough, but no light. I am wondering how to retrieve the trouble codes, if any, without a scan tool; is it still possible to get them through the ALDL with a jumper and reading the check engine light flashes? If so, which terminals do I jump on the ALDL? Any/all help is, as always, greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance - Chris
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Attached you will find a link for a PDF file, download this file and you will find how to retreive the codes stored in the PCM.

1995 Astro Van, No Scanner, Code Retreival Procedures

Hope that helps!

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You still need to check the codes but it sounds like a piece of carbon go caught in the EGR valve. If that turns out to be the case, you could try removing the valve to see if you can clean it. I've been able to free up a few by using a large punch or drift and tapping on the BASE of the EGR with the engine running. Don't hit the electronic part.

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