1994 Grand Marquis intermittently idles too high


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1994 Grand Marquis intermittently idles too high

Lately my 1994 Grand Marquis has been idling too high on an intermittent basis. For the most part it's been a minor annoyance at worst. But on the way home from work Friday it seemed to escalate to the point where I had to ride the brakes when I slowed down to drive through a small town, and the engine light came on a few times.

I tried stabbing the throttle but it didn't help; when I shut the engine off and restarted it it idled at the correct speed, but I didn't drive it to see if it would act up again.

Any suggestions on what to look at are greatly appreciated!
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Sounds like you might have a bad or sticky Idle Air Control Valve on the throttle body.

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Check for a vacuum leak first!

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