taurus directional bulb change


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taurus directional bulb change

I have a 1998 taurus that its right front directional/parking light that
needs to be replaced. I looked under the hood for access and couldn't find any easy way to get to the socket. Do i need to remove some things?? Owners manual is of no help.
In the 'good ol' days' everything was exposed.

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I was able to find this

at Autozone's website, it looks like you need to remove the headlight assembly to change the bulb. Anyway, here's the link: http://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBr...3d801afe27.jsp

I hope this helped!
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try this

on a '94 maybe the same as yours...

the big amber bulb combo turn/ parking toward the center of the car relative to the headlihts: reach in behind and turn socket about 1/8 turn and remove socket

the small bulb outboard combo side marker/ turn is a pain in the butt. remove top nut holding lens assembly to car. loosen bottom nut enough to rotate assembly so upper stud will come out and you get access to bulb
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Thanks for your reply desy2820 and peabees.

I couldn't for the life of me, determine how to get to the light bulb out short of taking the grille out.
The autozone web site that desy2820 supplied was a what i needed.
Exactly described the how to's of getting to All the lighting. I printed out copies.
Really appreciate your replies. Man, the manufactures really crowd things in

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