Low oil pressure


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Unhappy Low oil pressure

I have a 93 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 4cyl 2.0 with 96,000. The oil pressure gauge indicates the pressure lower than "low normal" or right on "low normal". What is causing this and how do I increase it?

Ever since I changed my timing belt 20K ago, I have had nothing but problems. My engine runs like an injector is clogged, but have been told its because my computer is shot. I never had any problems until I hired this mechanic to work on it, and each time I take it there something new pops up and he keeps telling me I should sell it to him - just get rid of it. He doesn't address the low oil problem, and how can your computer just poop out? Seriously, not any problems except for battery changes and tires. Never engine. At this age, I know its possible but it seems worse than it has to.

Anyway, I may be missing the bigger picture but want to see if this works. I am at my wits end.
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Low oil pressure was just discussed this morning. Try this link.

I'm sorry to hear your engine is running lousy. It could be any number of things, too numerous to list. Have you checked for codes? It's quite easy on your car. Just turn the ignition ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON pausing about a second each time and without starting the car. A dahboard indicator light should flash, enabling you to count a set of two-digit codes, ending with 55. See if you can get those codes and post back.

Otherwise it sounds like you need to go to a mechanic who's willing to do the tougher diagnostic work, not just change oil and brakes.
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Exclamation sounds like a rip

Sounds simular to something a friend of mine went through, the mech where he was taking his car was causing problems, just small ones, in order to get him to sell the car for juck price. I'm not saying that's what your guy is doing, but I'd take it somewhere else and have them look at it also, although you may hear something you don't want to hear. And there are a number of things that can cause your oil pressure to read low. I agree you should run the trouble codes and see what they say.
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I tried that on off thing and it didn't work. My car's ignition has off-acc-on start unlike the normal acc-off-start. In my pontiac I used to put a paper clip in the fuse box and turn on the engine without turning it over and I could read the codes, but in my Talon it simply didn't work. Plus I have a stick, not like that matters but I thought I would throw in what a chore it is to start this buggar. I get the concept so I don't think I did anything wrong.

That on off thing worked for a different problem I was having. My engine once a month gets "stuck" as I call it where it feels like all injectors are completely clogged and no matter how hard I step on the gas it doesn't change anything except how loud my engine is. I usually have to pull over and wait for it to pass because I can't accelerate but this last time, it kept on. I reset my computer by doing the on off thing and voila I was good to go.

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Try the following link to find if you have any trouble codes:

Eagle Trouble Codes

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