Ford Windstar 95 Jump starts


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Ford Windstar 95 Jump starts

I have a Windstar 95 with 120K miles on it, which jumps when I change to Drive even after the fact that I have my foot firmly on the brake. This makes me uneasy when coming out of tight spots. Besides the fact that it jumps.
It suddenly started doing that.

Any suggestions on what could be making it jump like that?
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Jumps forward? when switching into drive with your foot on the brake?
Do you mean like an inch or to or like a foot?
Well if your brakes are good...maybe a tranny guy will see this
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More of a lurch. It would be like a half a foot but the lurch is what makes everybody in the van go "whoo". I do have the foot on the brake all the time...
Im hoping that there is some kind of recall for this and I dont have to pay for it. ...wishful thinking .. I know..
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Check with your dealer on a TSB regarding lower control arms....I've done a few of these with loose bushings at the forward end of the lower control arms. It can be a sickening lurch. Canadian Ford tech website is currently down and my laptop (manuals) is unavailable.
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Thanks for the update. I would look forward hearing from you. Could you please look it up when the website is available. It will be easier to explain it to the dealship.
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Please Help!

What is the Canadian ford tech site's address?
I live in Romania Europe(windstar mechanic is out of the question) I have to change the radiator,where can I get some info on how to do that?
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The URL won't help you... it's a website for dealer techs only... sorry. For everything else, you can either subscribe to AllData (they have a consumer subscription service which costs much less than the pro subscription) or purchase a manual from Helms.

Both have websitesand should be easy to google up.

TSB refers to 97/98 Windstars but I seem to recall performing the fix to newer ones. TSB # is 97-26-24. It involves the front tension strut retainer where it enters the engine cradle. There is a metal "cup" that the tension strut passes through.. they can come loose in the cradle allowing the front lower control arm to move back and forth several inches under engine torque. The fix is to weld them in place using three MIG beads spaced evenly around the "cup". Be careful not to damage the rubber bushing.

Sorry, I can't just do a cut and paste of the TSB.... this stuff is copyrighted and I am not about to bite the hand that feeds me.

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Unfortunately for me I'm not able to get any subscription to any of the sites you told me since I'm from Romania and no one accepts any payment from ester-European country
As for the repair manual, there is the same issue plus the time till will get here.
I really don't want to stretch your kindness but if I'll send some photos with the appropriate comments will you be able to give me a fee advice how to remove the radiator?
there is a metal part under the car at the front on witch the radiator stands that's the one it get bent badly, and it seems to be weld to the car so I think I'll have to cut it down an weld it back together???
My mail is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if possible please send me an adress where I can send the photos.

Thanks in advance,Please pm email addresses.

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