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PT Cruiser Tires

I have a 2004 PT Cruiser Turbo and it has low-profile tires. Unfortunately I like in the New York area and there are tons of potholes. I bought the car at the end of August and I have already blown four . Are there different tires that I can put on this car or do I need to stick with the ones provided? Plus how long until I should replace my spare? Thanks for your help.
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Depends somewhat on the rims, but I would consider putting on "taller" tires if the rims (and vehicle) will accept them. It will certainly ride better over the potholes.

Question: On your low-profiles do you check the pressure FREQUENTLY and keep them up to pressure? Low-profile tires can have a VERY deceptive appearance as far as proper inflation. i.e. even with practically no air in them it is hard to see visually and because there is a smaller volume of space you don't have to lose much air to have a significant impact on pressure. I recently put a spare on (right front; blow out) for a guy out on the interstate who had some low-profile tires on his vehicle. After I put the spare on I checked the other tires and discovered the other front tire had about 10 pounds of air in it although it didn't appear excessively low. The tire dealers love people like that.

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