What's this clanking sound in the morning?


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What's this clanking sound in the morning?

My 2003 Mazda Protege makes a very noticeable clanking sound (under the hood) in the morning around 0700. This is a recent thing (been pretty cold around here recently for this par tof the country). The sound stops briefly and everything is normal as far as I and tell. We keep the car in our garage.
Can anyone help me as to the possible causes?http://forum.doityourself.com/newthr...newthread&f=2#
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if its real gold could be your lifter.
the oil is to thick and need to warm up to lub the lifter.
Try changing to a lighter oil like 5w30 or 5 w40.

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Thanks Pgtek for Sound advice!

After reading your comment, I backtracked the events. I knew the last oil change was the standard 10W and found problem with that in North Carolina weather to be puzzeling, right? Then the lightbulb flashed in my feable brain! It had to be the Lucus 80/90 Plus Gear Oil that was added for quick lube! When the temp goes down, the gear oil must be putting the lifter through a workout? This morning, with temp somewhat higher, there was no clanking sound at the startup.

I'll change the oil and return it to a "normal" condition and see how it goes.

Thanks again.
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80/90 gear lube?

I hope that you made a mistake and did not put in gear lube into the engine.
You need to put in the oil Mazda says not what you think might be better.Also make sure to use a good quality filter with a good anti drainback valve.
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