98 jeep ac clutch noise


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98 jeep ac clutch noise

My girlfriend owns a 98 jeep grand cherokee with 4.0L. when in ac mode the higher she sets the fan speed the noisier the ac clutch gets. recharged the system and it helped somewhat. Still noisy though. New clutch is very pricey. Seems odd that fan speed would affect the clutch. Any of you master techs seen this before? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Fan setting has no bearing whatsoever on the speed or 'noise" of the clutch. If a evac and recharge helped then you may have a dry bearing in the compressor and its not necessarily the clutch. With the evac and recharge came a new oil charge that could have lubricated the bearing and gave it the presumption of partial fix. You may want to investigate this farther or take it to a competent A/C shop and A/C work is not DIY. It can be very dangerous and there are extremely high pressures involved.
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thanks for the response billy. Im not exagerating about the fan speed affecting the compressor noise. very strange.

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