jeep heater suddenly only gives cold air


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jeep heater suddenly only gives cold air

I don't know if this forum is viewed frequently judging from the posts and reply numbers/dates, but given that everything in my home and vehicle seems to be going at the same time and I've had great luck with responses from the moderators in both the well/septic forum and the heater/furnace forum, I'm going to give it a try. I was just bringing my son to school this morning and I noticed that after heating up sufficiently (we live in NH where it's been sub zero for most of this month it seems) my jeep's heater started to give off cold air. I then changed the air flow direction from the windows to the feet and it got warm again, but then quickly also got cold there. Another change of air direction this time produced no warming of the air. Immediately following this cold discovery we noticed that we could stongly smell something sicky sweet and chemical-like in nature. Do I just need to check anti-freeze levels or something else fairly simple or do I need a costly mechanic repair? Also, for more information, we have needed to refill/charge the air conditioner every summer because of some sort of tiny leak. Could this have contributed to the current heating problem?
Thanks in advance for any time you're able to provide to my questions.
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You have a coolant leak. that is the sweet smell. another indication of a coolant/anti-freeze leak is the loss of hot air. find the leak fast. you do not want to overheat the engine, which is very$$$$$.if after topping off the radiator and running it for about 10 min you dont see any leaks around engine lookinside above pass side foot....
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Hi Charles,

It sounds like maybe 2 problems here. The first is your heater core might be leaking. If you can smell the sweet smell in the car thats hot coolant that has leaked out of the core and drained off out the firewall but that smell is very distinctive. Check for 2 hoses on your passenger side running into the firewall, if you can see the clamps make sure they're tight on the heater core which is like a mini radiator. If they're tight, follow the instructions in your car's manual and remove the heater core and replace it, they're usualy $15 or less. The heater core shouldn't take long to change and in most vehicles its very easy to do.

Even leaking you should get a little bit of warm air from it though and if your not you might also check your heater control valve which is another cheep part which simply opens a valve that lets hot coolant through the heater core.

I think you'll get off cheap with this fix Charles

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Good i looked into this forum today

Iam also feeling the same , I dont think there is enough heat coming in my car also , its 2001 camry.

The temp level shows half of the total , when I go a couple of miles. but not enough heat coming out. its pretty cold in NY for the last couple of days. I though that might be the case

where should I check for the coolant leak?
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1999- Jeep Gr. Cherokee Ltd - Heater gives hot air on driver side and cold air on pas

Few weeks ago, while having oil/filter change at 50K, at the recommendation of the mechanic, I had the radiator system flushed out and coolant refilled. While doing this the mechanic had air trapped and had to un screw a bolt at other location to fill up the coolant. Since then the two passengar side vents are simply blowing cold air. Jeep has dual temperature control system for two sides. Irrespective of temerature settings and air fow direction changes only the driver side vent and 2 vents in the cental area blows hot air. I experimented the A/C system and it works fine for all five vents. The mechanic said that the passengar side valve is stuck in a position and I should take to the dealer. The dealer did not opine on any reason which may have been caused during the radiator system flushing/refilling/air trap etc. but gave an estimate of $1,200 to disassemble the entire dash board to check the operation of valve/flapper and $250 for part replacement if needed.

I appreciate in advance for sharing your thoughts on this .

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I seriously doubt that your problem is that involved. I also doubt that after a "few weeks" that there is still air trapped in the cooling system, but it is possible. I know you have more than 1 problem here and possibly more than 2. The A/C leak is definately something different from the heat not working problem. The A/C and heat work hand in hand, but with a totally disfunctional A/C system you will still get heat. Otherwise there would be no such thing as a vehicle without A/C. If you smelled coolant then you most likely have a leak inside the cabin. The reason you smelled it is because it got inside the heater box and blew out with the air from the fan. Regardless of where the leak is that is the first thing you need to find. This can also cause the air pocket in the cooling system that is causeing the heat to not function properly.
First thing first, get the system pressure tested and find out where your leak is. Once you do that then you will know what you are looking at as far as the necessary repairs. I have a feeling that all of your other problems will go away (with the exception of the A/C leak) once you get the coolant leak fixed.
P.S. That core can be quite expensive, and the labor to replace it is 3 hours. But even still that in no way can equal $1450.00.
Hope this helps ya,
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My Auto

Would be best to start a new post for your problem.

Yours is not related to this one at all. One, I never seen a Camry of your year have a heater core leak. Second, you state the temp guage goes to the the thermostat is ok.

Your car can suffer from the cable under the dash for the blend door falling off or not adjusted properly (very common)

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also be aware that the coolant fumes will create a film on the inside of your windshield. get this fixed. the fumes are toxic!!

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