please help me on fuel system of dodge spirit 1991


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please help me on fuel system of dodge spirit 1991

on my car the fuel pump wont work. i have replaced the fuel relay and have had the fuel pump out and it works when hooked directly to the battery. when checking the wires back at the fuel pump there is no power when key is turned on. i have checked the codes from the check engine light and i get a code 37. which is a four part code 1 shift indicator light failure ( for a 5 speed) 2 part throttle lock/unlock solonoid driver circuit (87-89) 3 solenoid coil circuit (85-89 Turbo) 4 trans temp sensor voltage low (95-and on). Now i have no idea what this means to me because mine is an automatic tranny so first one dont work, its a 91 so second one doesnt work for me, its not a turbo so not the 3rd, and its a 91 so the last one dont work so now im lost please help thank you
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Code 37 on your car is for the Part Throttle Unlock (PTU) Solenoid. This has to do with the transmissions torque convertor and has nothing to do with the fuel pump. You should only get voltage to the fuel pump for just a few seconds when you first turn the key on and intermittently while cranking. It works on pressure. Hook up your DVOM and watch it while you are cranking. If you have voltage then your problem is likely the pump itself even though it works out of the tank. If you dont have 12 volts then work your way backwards until you find the problem.
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