car wont start


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car wont start

I have a 93 mustang gt ,new battery, new alternator ,but nothing happens when you turn the key . One minute it was working fine next minute parked came back out and now nothing happens . wont crank or evan attempt to turn over . interior lights work though,
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Do any lights in the dash come on when you turn the key, guages move, etc. Could be a faulty solenoid,park/ neutral saftey switch in an auto or clutch switch in a manual. I've seen a bunched up floor mat not let the clutch make full travel and thus not turn over. Keep us informed.
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Start relay under dash may be faulty.
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Check your wires to the alt. and battery
Look real good at the batt. terminals
Sometimes corrosion isn't that obvious

The starter relay is under the black plastic cover next to the wiper fluid fill cap behind the battery

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