Cylinder head banged up


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Cylinder head banged up

1996 Ford escort 1.9L automatic a/c.The engine started knocking bad.I took the head off and around the number 4 cylinder the head is all banged up.The top of the piston is dented a little bit.The cylinder wall doesn't seem to be damaged.What could have caused this?Would it be worth putting another head from salvage yard on?I need car to travel to work 20 miles/day.
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The head is banged up in the combustion chamber? Did you find any foreign material in the cylinder? It could be part of the electrode off of the spark plug. It could be a piece of a valve. It could even be something that might have gotten sucked into the intake that went into that cylinder. Do you run it without an air filter? What is the condition of the air filter? Is it possible that something could have gotten past it? What was the condition of the timing belt? It might be worth fixing if the piston and the rest of the cylinder are not damaged beyond repair. What do the marks on the piston look like? You are going to have to be the judge if it is worth fixing. It is going to depend on how much the new head is going to cost as to its worthyness. I wouldnt just slap a head from a junk yard car on there without getting it checked out and maybe at least a valve and seal job first.
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maybe valve damage from cam timing out. Have you checked the camshaft timing ?
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Question Ford Escort Number 4 piston and Head banged up

Have exact same problem , am replacing head with junk yard head ($100) and new head Gasket ($20). had to grind top of piston nice and flat again . didn't want anything to hit new head. Just smoothed it up with a die grinder. Mine dropped and valve seat and thats what banged up the head and piston then it jumped timing and bent 2 valves . but wonder if have a bad connecting rod bearing ? Will find out soon , crank had a spot that it turned over a little stiff with head off. Did you change your head? Thanks Jim
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