94 Chevy Cheyenne

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Question 94 Chevy Cheyenne

Hi, I'm buying a 94 chevy cheyenne from my brother in law, he came over and went over all the problems with it, I know going in it's not a "terrific" vehicle, but i'm planning on replacing the engine and transmission and making it a bit better. It currently has 290,000 km on it, (I think that translates to about 180,000 miles). My brother in law is the second owner, he's taken good care of it, the current engine and tranny are the originals.

I'm just curious, is it better to go with rebuilds or order new from the manufacturer? I don't know much about cars and trucks, but I want to learn. What's the difference in cost, etc, and would it be better for me to replace both of them at once, or one at a time?

Thanks, please be patient with me, like i said, I'm a bit dumb when it comes to cars. Hopefully you guys can help make me a little smarter!

Oh,,, one more thing... he said something about the catalytic converter could be taken off and the vehicle would still run alright. (He said the exhaust is starting to come out a bit black, and he thinks that's due to something starting to clog in the catalytic converter.) Is that true? What am I looking at to replace that?
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What engine do you have in this truck? Is there a reason you want to replace the trans? Is it showing signs of problems? My philosophy is not to fix something that is not broken. You could be looking at quite a chunk of change to do each, much less both. The trans by itself will run you anywhere from around $700-$1500 or more depending on where you get it from. This depends on the use and what you are expecting to get out of the vehicle. ie... years, miles, that sort of thing. For my money (pretending I wouldnt build my own engine) I would go with a reman unit from someone like Jasper, and pretty much the same with the trans.
As far as the black smoke, yes that can be related to the exhaust. What exactly is the condition of the exhaust and the reason there is a suspected problem with the catalytic convertor?
Hope this helps ya,
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Can you get a new engine from the manufacturer ? News to me.

Why replace the transmission ? They last for ages.

Black smoke is classically a sign of running rich.
If you take out the cat the tuning goes all out (quite apart from being illegal, which matters if you have yearly inspections in your state), and it's quite a bit of work to get it back again.

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