ABS Sensor


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ABS Sensor

I have a 1998 dodge ram that recently started displaying the abs light along with the brake light. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what may be causing the lights to come on other than a bad sensor. The sensor on this model truck is located on top of the rear wheel axle. All the parts places in my area tell me that it is a dealer part and that will probably mean some big bucks. I was just interested to see if anyone may have any other suggestions as to what may be causing the problem that I may be able to check before I go spend the money on a new sensor and find that it was actually something else causing the problem. Thanks
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Have you checked the brake fluid level?
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Iv'e been told by my mechanic that many times its just crud that gets up under the vehicle and collects on the sensor/s. Need sto cleaned off.
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A failure that involves only the ABS will turn on only the ABS light. If there is a failure in the base brake system, the ABS light will turn on at the same time. Since yours is displaying both lights, I would suggest paying attention to the base brake system first. Fixing this will likely fix the ABS problem.
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My buddy has a 94 Camry and his ABS light came on. The code said the problem was the ABS sensor. The mechanic could not guarantee it, but he was pretty sure the ABS was still functional and the problem was limited to a faulty sensor. Every test on the brakes turned out just fine.

The light came on intermittantly for about 6 months, it was not on permanently. Then it stopped. It's been almost a year and the light has not come on again. He guessed that some wire was touching an area it should not have and it eventually dislodged itself. Not sure if this is your problem since the brake light is on as well but it could take care of itself.
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Thanks for the reply’s. The light started coming on I would say about 2-3 months ago. Since then I have replaces the front brake pads, they were worn out, and made sure there was plenty of break fluid in the reservoir. I also checked the connection to the sensor at the same time and when I cranked the truck back up afterwards, the lights stayed off for a few seconds then finally came back on. I also unhooked the battery for a while. The book I have said that when the computer gets an error code that is will keep it until it is cleared, even if the problem ahs been fixed. I have not replaced the rear breaks as of yet. Could this possible solve the problem? The rear breaks are not completely wore out yet but I would go ahead and replace them if this could possible be the source of the problem. I check all the wires as best I could and found no problems there. The book I have does tell me how to check the codes, but of the two ports on the wiring harness that it tells me to jumper, one does not have a wire connected to it at all, so I cannot get it to give me an error code.

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