Dead battery with New Stereo receiver


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Rane Havuk
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Dead battery with New Stereo receiver

Hello, I bought a JVC KD-AR360 in-dash receiver(stereo) recently and installed it myself. I had to cut a wire leading from the harness of the old stock radio but there shouldn't be any power there since the wiring goes to the new receiver. I capped the wire off anyway. The stock radio was disconnected before, when everything was working fine since the previous owner had installed an aftermatket radio.

I had an older JVC unit in the vehicle and the wiring connector(harness) looked to be the same and the receiver worked so I figure they are. The next day my battery was dead. I don't drive it much so I left it for around a week. I had it jump-started and ran it for 20 minutes or so and turned the engine off and it started again with no problems. The next day the battery was dead again.

I haven't tried anything yet to fix it since I don't have any ideas of what it could be besides a faulty unit causiing a drain on the battery. The alternator could be going bad but it was working well enough with the old receiver.
Anybody know what could be wrong?

It's in a 1993 Chevy Full size pickup.

Thanks for any help. I probably forgot to mention something so please don't flame me.
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It's possible that it doesn't have anything to do with the stereo and coincidentally the battery has gone bad at the same time the stereo was installed, or something else is draining the battery. Disconnect the stereo wiring and see if the battery still drains.
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I'll second the previous condition idea. If you had the interior light or ignition on for a long period of time during the installation process (did you have to boost it after the install?), deep cycling the battery may have been the final nail in it's coffin.
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Did you install a separate amplifier? You apparently have something powered with direct battery supply rather that "key on only" power. Check your wiring closely. Most radios have 2 power supplies., 1 "key on only" for operating the radio and 1 "straight battery power" to be used for the "keep alive memory" only. That saves your radio presets.

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