Fixing oil line??


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Question Fixing oil line??

I own a 1997 Ford F-150 4x4 off-road stepside with the 4.6L motor. I bought this last year,and I have recently been getting a smell of oil after a hot start up,it only lasts a few seconds...
While changing my oil and filter today I noticed two wet oil hoses under the front wich go to the remote filter located under the front fender.They tell me this is stock factory this way?
The hoses are rubber,but look to have a very slight leak around the crimped metal fittings wich go to the filter mount.
This may be causing the oil smell,as I see no other oil anywhere..
Do you think this is something my regular mechanic can do,or something better at the Ford dealership?The motor has 91,000 miles on it. Thanks
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It is fairly common for these to leak... this is a factory set-up. The hoses should be readily available from your local dealer and your mechanic should have no problem replacing the lines.
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Check the auto stores first. If they have the lines they will likely be cheaper than Ford.

I doubt if this is causing the smell unless the leak is bad enough that the oil is running back and getting on the exhaust system. From your description the leak sounds small. If it is not dripping and making a mess you may just want to keep an eye on it until it gets bad enough that you want to replace the hoses.

Look for a leak from above such as a valve cover or intake gasket leaking and running down onto the exhaust. Look carefully at the exhaust manifolds and exhaust pipes for the discolored signs of oil that has been burned off.

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