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Question 97 Dodge Ram

My 97 Ram has a V6 Magnum engine. A few days ago I noticed a low intermitant squeal from under the hood. Over the next few minutes it got louder. It sounded almost like a sqeaky bicycle wheel. I parked the truck for about 30 minutes and started it again. The sqeaking was still there. My neighbor said it sounded like a bearing going out on the alternator or compressor. We coudn't tell as these two parts are side by side. With the hood open the sound did seem to be coming from the top of the engine.
I parked the truck for a few days. Today I statrted the truck and the sqeaking is gone. Is it still possible this might be a bad bearing? The alternator appears to be charging fine. I know this is a little vague but any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Crub That Squeal

I have a 94 with the same problem,,, 1 possibility is the Idler Tension Pulley located very close to Alt. 1 easy way of checking, Is remove belt and wiggle pulley, bearings in that cause the squeal also .That was my problem and cheaper than an Alternator.. Good Luck

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