Painting aftermarket running boards


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Painting aftermarket running boards

I'm not sure if this is the best forum to post this question, but it's the closest I can find.

I have removed my running boards from my 00 Jeep because the paint is starting to show surface rust. I was going to sand them down and I have a HVLP gravity fed paint sprayer gun, but I was hoping someone could suggest the best type of primer and base coat to use. Being a novice painter, I'd like to use the easiest prep type, but I need corrossion resistance also. Any suggestions?
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You get out what you put into it. The subtrate and primer are critical.
Sand or grind off all rust. Sand the old paint to dull the finish. use a zinc based primer or a zinc or iron phosphate coating as a primer. Then paint. Allow proper drying time and wet sand between finish coats. Your local auto store should have a selection of primers.
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Thanks Goldstar

I didn't think I was going to get any help. I had not heard any mention of Zinc based primers, the only suggestion I heard about was one part Acrylic Laquer primer, are they different? I'm being specific because I know when you go into specialty stores, the people can be very unhelpful if you don't know what you want. Also, will a pint of each primer and base cover two round running boards (5' long) using a HVLP sprayer?
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hello, I paint quite often. Being that there are so many different paints, primers, etc.. I would say your best bet would to find a knowledgeable dealer of automotive paint supplies. Quart of each should be more than enough!! Like someone else suggested. First clean them with a degreaser, bug, wax,remover . Follow directions on bottle. Then either grind ALL rust off with either a grinder or by hand. 40 or 50 grit should work fine. I atteneded a vo-tech school for autobody. Only real good advice I can give you also is that you do get what you pay for when it comes to paint,primer,etc.. The most important is to always follow manufacter's directions concerning paint,primer, etc.
Find a local paint and body shop supply that have knowledeable staff! But always take any advice with a grain of salt! until your sure they know what they are talking about!! i have gotten some pretty messed up advice over the years!!

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