Dont'cha just love electrical problems?


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Dont'cha just love electrical problems?

I have an 83 Dodge Ram 150 pickup. I discovered that I have no brake lights now. The bulbs, fuse, and switch are good. This is a little beyond my depth since I didn't see any broken wires. Luckily a mechanic owes me money form a bet so he will fix it in exchange for the money he owes me ($40). This is a good deal to me since I am lousy with car electronics and would probably become an alcoholic if I tried to find the friggin' problem myself. I am sorry if that line offends anyone, it is just that I smoked half a pack of Camels today more than normal due to this fun problem.

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I've traced Dodge brake light problems just to find that the turn signal switch was the problem.
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Actually I like electrical problems because I don't get dirty fixing them for the most part.Also it is not hard work just takes a little thinking.
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My hands got so filthy that Dawn detergent wouldn't get them totally clean, and it is awkward having your feet sticking out the sliding rear window and my head under the steering wheel. I could check the turn signal switch but the turn signals work fine and so do the 4 way flashers. It sure is fun trying to see up there with the steering column in my eyes and the brake pedal jammed against my arm.
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I checked a wiring diagram for a 83 Ram 150 and the circuit goes through the hazzard light switch and the turn signal switch like chuck_zc mentioned, so those are a possiblity even if the turn signals are working. Since the turn signals are working, the problem shoud be the somewhere from the brake light switch to the turn signal switch. 1st make sure you have voltage going into the brake light switch. Press brake pedal and check for voltage going out of the brake light switch, if yes, check it going out of the hazzard switch, if yes, going into and out of the turn signal switch. You should be able to locate where the problem is following those steps.

Note: wasn't sure which size engine you had when looking up the diagram so I looked at a diagram for 1983 DODGE TRUCK B150 1/2 TON VAN
8 Cylinders 318 T 5.2L 2BL located here
figure 23. Your diagram (and troubleshooting procedure/wire colors) may or may not be different if this isn't the correct engine size.

Good luck if you decide to fix it yourself! Keep plenty of Camels on hand
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Change the turn signal switch. That's your problem.

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