Clutch pedal harder to push down


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Clutch pedal harder to push down

1989 Ford Tempo GL,5speed,120,000 miles.Seems that lately my cluch pedal takes a lot more effort to push down.I can hear a clunk sound when its almost reaching the floor and it seems to be worst in cold weather.My clutch is not slipping and all five gears shift perfectly without grinding or sticking.Do I need to lubricate something or do I have to look around for another clutch? Thank You
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I'm not positive how that model of ford clutch works, but typically you will

find what's generically referred to as a ''Z'' link which transfers the motion

of the pedal being depressed. to a lateral motion needed to release the

clutch disc from the pressure plate. This piece of linkage usually uses a ball

and socket arrangement to allow for a pivot point. The ball stud may be

loose from the threaded hole in the engine block, causing the ''Z'' link to bind.

If this is the case, it will eventually fall apart, unless you or your mechanic

intervene. The linkage may be just bent, causing the binding, in which case

the linkage will need replaced. In most cases, there is a grease fitting on

that ball and stud affair, where it pivots at the block. If your'e lucky, it

just needs some grease. If I'm not describing your model accurately, maybe

a ''Ford'' guy can lend some help here.
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This car doesnt use a linkage or a Z-Bar type system (thats mostly a GM design). It uses a cable. From what you describe it sounds like you could possibly have either a clutch/pressure plate/release bearing problem or an internal transmission problem. I would get it to a reputable transmission shop ASAP.
Hope this helps ya,

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