No spark from coil pack


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No spark from coil pack

1993 Grand Am 3.3
Engine turns over but will not start.
Has lots of fuel pressure, which was measured at the injector rail.
Removed spark plug wire from engine and grounded the plug wire. There was no ark from the spark plug wire to its ground.
Replaced combination crank/camshaft sensor.
Still no spark.
Thinking it may be the coil pack's ingnition module.
The ignition system is a distributorless C3I
There is power to the module, which was verified by using a test light.With the ignition in the "on" position, the testlight lead was inserted into the Harness connector.
How can one test the module to see if it is fuctioning?
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Some auto parts stores have module testers call around and ask if they could test yours.You may want to check for power at the module while cranking also because there is a start circuit and a run circuit in that module.You also need ground for it to work.I'm guessing it will be a module though.
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On my 93 GA 3.3, First I had the CPS go out then 3 days later the ignition mod. went bad. Found a new one on Ebay for 75 bux (A/C Delco) Auto Zone had Sorensen ones for 158.00. If you have replaced the CPS the ign. mod is your best bet. Also, have them look at all three of your coils to make sure they are still within specs. They are about 25 bux a piece.
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What is CPS

Hey Cabot,

What is a CPS?
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If your crank sensor (CPS) is new and you still have no spark, its probably the ICM (ignition control module). You can ohm out the coils to verify if they are ok, but I doubt all died at the same time. Some auto parts stores do have control module testers.
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Thanks everyone for all your help. Hopeful we'll get this thing running.


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