94 CHEVY S10 please Help a girl out!!


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Question 94 Chevy S10.....girl Thanx Responders.. Big Help


I have an S10 and I have my starter loose and disconnected... It will NOT come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!! It is a 4.3 and starter is under passenger side wheel..... [email protected]

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Most of the time you have to take the dust cover off the tranny. Usually 4 or 5 bolts, then you still have to pry the dust cover out from around the metal cooler lines.
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Make sure you have the negative cable off the battery. Because if you don't and the big positive cable fron the starter touches ground you will have BIG trouble.
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if it`s a 4x4 you may need to remove front 4x4 wheel drive axle, tranny support bar on right side or even exhaust?
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Had one

I had one of these. Usually to get to that stuff you need to take the pass. side wheel and fender skirting off to get to anything on that side. Possibly the guard on the bottom.
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I have a Haynes book on the Chevy S-10 & GMC Sonoma, but it is at home. I will see what it says about your starter removal on the 4.3L later today and let you know if any further disassembly is needed. Don't bother with the tranny or exhaust system yet, I don't believe they are going to do it.

Question - Is it indeed a 4-wheel drive truck?

I have done recent repairs to a 1995 S-10 that my daughter uses (head gasket, clutch, alternator), but that is a 2-wheel drive 2.2L 4-cylinder truck. Even with the smaller engine, there is hardly any room to work on anything.

A useful forum for the Chevy S-10 truck is: mys10.com
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From the Haynes Manual (covering S-!0 and Sonoma trucks from 1994 to 2001):

Starter Motor - removal and installation
4WD Models
Disconnect negative battery cable (always for a starter).
Raise front of vehicle, support on jackstands.
Remove right wheel (on 4.3L models) for better access.
Remove skid plate if present.
On some early models, it may be necessary to raise the engine/transmission with a floorjack under the trans, remove transmission crossmember for access to starter bolts.
Remove starter heat shield, if so equipped.
From under vehicle, disconnect solenoid wire and battery cable from terminals on the solenoid.
Remove the starter mounting bolts.
Remove starter motor (sounds easy enough!). Note the location of any spacer shims.
During re-install, be sure to install the spacer shims in exactly the same location.

It sounds like the raising of the trans, and removal of crossmember allows for easier removal once the bolts are out.

I hope this helps you out.

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