Yet another 2.8litre stalling out....


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Yet another 2.8litre stalling out....

My 1988 Grand Prix with a 2.8litre loves to stall out at low speeds. The ignition control module, crank sensor and idle air control valve are all new as well as plugs, filters, clean out the throttle body, etc. I did an idle relearn a few times and it doesnt feel like its the TCC in the trans and besides it does it when I dont have it in overdrive also. I was thinking it may be the throttle position sensor?? I do get a code 43 but thats the knock sensor and its been giving me that code for ages. What you guys think?? Thanks!
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Put in neutral to eliminate the TCC
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If the car is in Drive instead of overdrive, can it still be the TCC giving me the problem? It doesnt feel like its in top gear though when it stalls.... its more cause the idle is low and feels like more ignition or fuel system related.
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Have you checked the fuel pressure with a guage?Does the engine idle up when first started and them come back down?How are the plug wires and coils?Yes your trans can go into tcc lock up in a lower gear if the tcc filter(oriface) came out of the valve body spacer plate but you would have some nasty trans operation when shifting.
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The knock sensor code being there can definately cause you problems and it is the first place I would start. The ECM retards the electronic ignition timing as much as 10 degrees when the voltage varies from the base on the knock sensor. You could have a bad knock sensor, or actual engine noise causing the knock sensor to recognize a problem or you could just have some bad gas causing detonation.
Is your problem constant or intermittent?

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