timing chain cover


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timing chain cover

my son went off the road a put a tree branch through the front of his 93 lincoln town car. we repaired it to the tune of $2500. he is away at college and is using large amounts of oil. bad leak appears to be coming from the timing chain cover according to him. i am going to have him bring it home so i can change it. any idea on how long it will take. i am an average backyard mechanic. thanks
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Was the timing cover taken off? If not it is not likely that the cover gasket is leaking bad. If it was taken off they could have not gotten the cornres sealed where the timing cover gasket meets the oil pan gasket.

A bad leak would probably be the crankshaft seal. You need to determine where the oil is really coming from. Wash it off at a car wash & drive home. Then get under and see where the oil is leaking.

May be a Ford guy here can tell you but on most cars like that you should be able to pull the harmonic balancer off, pry out the oil seal and put a new one in. Inspect the seal surface of the balancer. If it has a grove worn in it from the seal you will need to get another balancer or a repair kit from the auto store that has a sleeve to put over the old balancer.

If you have to take the timing cover off some come right off. These are easy to do. But some you have to take the oil pan part way or all the way off and they can be difficult to get them to seal particularly if you do not take the pan off and replace all the gaskets.

You need to say which engine you have if you want someone to help you in detail.

I looked at the auto zone website under grand marques as they did not list a lincoln. If the engines are the same and if you have a 4.6 replacing the seal looks easy. Replacing the gasket looks like a bear.
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If there hasn't been too much time or mileage since the repair, this 'should' be covered under service warranty. I say should because we are unsure as to the source of the leak... if it is involved with the initial repair, go for it.

Front crank seal is relatively easy to change... remove the balancer and replace the seal. Front cover removal will require valve cover removal (this is a 4.6??).
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thanks guys. yes it is a 4.6. as for warranty, it was a body shop and only the body was repaired. There was no leak prior to the accident. part of the tree (big limb poking up in the ditch came straight through the grill) was wedged in the upper control arm area. i figured it must have hit something in the front to cause the leak. i just figured it may have bent or cracked the timing chain cover. no vibration from the engine and it runs smooth. once i get it home i'll get a good look. thanks
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How long since the body shop worked on your sons car? Has it had an oil change recently? The reason I ask this is that the 4.6 can be a real pain to get the oil filter out of there and it quite normally makes quite a mess when you do. This can possibly be the source of the oil leak. I would look at it and see if you can determine the source of the leak before making any snap decisions. Then if you cant determine its location clean it up real good at either a car wash or with a pressure washer. Then drive it a couple of miles and check again. If it is leaking as bad as you say then I would be sure to check the oil before you do anything.
Good Luck.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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