Brake line leak


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David Haynes
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Unhappy Brake line leak

I have a 1919 Ford Taurus, automatic, six cylinder, four door dawg.

I had the car worked on and the mechanic replaced a brake line.

I got the thing back and parked it for a few days with the intention of going for a weekend test drive.

When I stepped on the brakes they sank to the floor with brake fliud pouring out of the left rear of the vehicle.

Anyone ver hear of a "phantom brake leak" on a Ford Tusrus? Some times it leaks and sometimes it doe not ?

Any cures (besides junking the whole car) ???

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"Phantom" brake leak? Interesting term. On Tauruses that are much newer... say, 1999 or so, I have seen the short metal line at the rear drum rot and I have also seen the flex line rupture.... I'm not there so you will have to be my eyes and check to see where the fluid is actually coming from.
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Originally Posted by David Haynes

I have a 1919 Ford Taurus
I thought that year just had that lever that you pulled against the tire?

Sorry, couldn't resist
Really you'll have to find out where the leak is comming from
If need be put the rear up on jack stands and have a helper, one to push the pedal and one to look
Be real careful
But you may not have to push the pedal, it may be real obvious once it's in the air
It also could be a leaky cylinder (under the drum) and not to obvious
Oh wait, it's drum or disc brake back there?
Well, either way you'll have to have a look-see
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"phantom brake leak"
Theres obviously no such thing. Once you have a fluid leak, its a leak. It is not going to come and go. Even the wheel cylinders dont seal themselves back up. They may slow, but they will never just NOT leak. You either have another line leaking or something like a wheel cylinder or caliper. I dont think that car had disk on the back but I could be wrong. You are going to have to get under there and look for the leak though.
Hope this helps ya,
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If memory serves me correctly, there's a junction box(perportioning valve) assembly mounted on the rear left of the car. I think it is close to where the lower control arms mount to the rear cross member. There is a rod that runs from the control arm to the junction box. May be the source of the leak. Thats my opinion, but I may be wrong
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got to get dirty

You are going to have to get under the car (use jack stands) for saftey and do a bit of looking around there is no way around it.Just make sure you keep the master cyl full.You will need two people.You need to find the leak and quit driving it for saftey reasons.Remove the wheels for a better view.
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David Haynes
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Post Original poster reply

Yep >>> it is a 1991 Ford Toreusup

It has drum brakes on the rear wheels.

It may have an anti-skid kit >>> did they make anti skid brakes on the 91 Ford Taurus ?

There is a little metal junction box on the left rear brake line. This seems to be the AREA of the leak within 17 inces +/- a millimeter.
What is really weird is the fact that the brakes had a problem when the thang
was toad from my yard. The brakes worked when i dove the dern thing back home, then they suddenly lost pressure and brake earl poured out of it when I went to test it , several days later.

I kept refilling the master cylinder and did not inject air into the lines.

You can HEAR it leak out and see the fluid under the car.

This all makes no sense as it is a hydraulic system and cannot "heal" itself.

Per yer suggestions I will enlist the aid of a topless dancer that lives next door
to step on the brakes whilst I take a look under her hood ... errr look at the leak area.

I cannot drive the car as there is ZERO brake pressure due to the leak, which is weird , since I thiught that at least the front brakes would work on a dual master cylinder, but somebody can tell me why ?

Well, I am goin' under the thang in just a few. I will wrap some paper towels on the lines and let it pee just enough to make a local id on it.

I'll report back later, if I survive, thanks to all.
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David Haynes
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Original poster reply

Well since the topless dancer was busy I got the little olde lady from Pasadena to mash my brakes.

It seems that the leak is coming from the cross line out of the metal block with four lines attached to it.

Now the severe problem is, do I try to fix it my self ?

It runs up and over the gas tank to a hanger and on to the right rear wheel.

My theory is that the mechanic fixed the original problem and then a gremlin crept into the thing and created the second leak whilst the car wuz sittin' idle and nobody was lookin'.

or how else could I have driven homer with good brakes and then they went bad ?


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I don't work on many cars so I'm not sure about the block you're mentioning. Since the car is getting long in the tooth, I'd tend to inspect all the metal lines for rust as well as any flex hoses for cracks.

You can purchase preformed brake line (i.e it is already flared with nuts and all) in various lengths. Any local auto supply that handles Wagner stuff should be able to supply adapters. These preformed lines are also available in the Euro style ball flare.
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David Haynes
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Thumbs up Good advice

I really do not want to attempt this repair.

Plus all of the flex lines should be replaced and all lines inspected for need of replacement.

To do it correctly you need a lift and just setting the car on jack stands still
wiuld be a major pain of reaching for me.

Plus the installation of a new hanger over the gas tank would not be easy.

I will pay to have it done right whilst I drink a few.

Plus I would need the proper tools to work on it , which i aint got.

I have bought special tools in the past and never used them.

Someday , if I had a four car garage and a lift and all of the special tools worth about 157,000 fungolas, I might work on cars, but then again, I could just take the cars to a TRAINED TECHNICIAN and take a nice vacation with the topless dancer next door,

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