Transmission fluid leak


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Transmission fluid leak

95 Dodge full sized van....310k miles....I believe it is leaking from where the drive shaft goes into the transmission...Is this possible? It looks like there's a gasket that's worn. Other than taking out the drive shaft how is this repaired??? Thanks!!!
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Whether it is the rear trans seal that is leaking or the extension housing gasket or the park pawl o-ring... the driveshaft will have to come out. This is a pretty simply step if we raise the rear wheels off the ground and support the van properly on adequate jack stands.

If the repair requires the removal of the extension housing, you will need some way to support the transmission since the rear mount attaches to the extention.

I can't tell what's leaking from here... you will have to look closely and see what you have.
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Any of what mechanic said is possible. From your description it sounds like the seal is leaking. If that is it the drive shaft has to come out and pry out the old seal and install a new one. First see if the yoke will move up and down where it enters the seal. If it will go up and down very much the bushing in the tail housing is worn. If you do not replace the bushing a new seal may help but will likely still leak some. Also inspect the yoke where it rubs the seal if it has a grove or is rough it will ruin the new seal in a while.
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Replace the bushing and the rear seal. You are looking at about $10 in parts. Also check the yoke of the driveshaft where it goes into the transmission. Make sure it is not damaged.

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Thanks for all the advice....How do I replace the bushing?

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