Replace 98 chevrolet water pump


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Cool Replace 98 chevrolet water pump

Hi everyone it has been sometime since I 've needed help but anyway I need to replace my water pump in my 1998 chevrolet venture how do I do this, also how do I do my own oil change an clean out my coolant I want to be automotive savvy and besides it intrests me.
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which engine 3.1,3.4 ?
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These vans have the 3.4L, which I believe the water pumps share the same part number with the 3.1L (basically the same engine, minus a few ci). On the radiator (driver's side bottom) there is a petcock. Place a drian pan underneath it and turn the petcock counter clockwise to drain the coolant. Pop of the radiator cap to speed the draining process. Before removing the drive belt, break loose the waterpump pulley bolts. Remove the belt, then the pully. Now you have open access to the water pump bolts and can remove those as well. You may need a big screw driver or a pry bar to lightly apply pressure to the pump to remove it from the front cover. Take note that the pump and gasket can only line up with the bolt holes 1 way. Remove the old gasket from the front cover, and clean mating surface. Install new pump, reinstall pulley, belt and make sure pulley bolts are tight. Close petcock and refill radiator with dexcool or equivalent coolant. You may have to crack the bleeder located on the thermostat housing to bleed the system of air. Do this carefully when the vehicle reaches operating temperature. When a steady stream of coolant flows out, close the bleeder, carefull not to overtighten it. Verify that there are no leaks from your repair.
Turn the engine off, and proceed to your oil change. Jack the front of the van up, support with jack stands. Place drain pain under oil pan and remove drain plug. Rainstall drain plug after oil has drained. Place drain pan under oil filter, located between the radiator and engine, to the left or the starter. Remove oil filter and let residual oil drain. Apply oil to the seal of the new filter and install filter. Use some brake cleaner to remove the oil that had drained from the filter from the front of the oil pan area, and make sure the brake cleaner disolves (I've seen a vehicle burn to the ground because someone saturated an exhaust manifold with a flamable subtance). Lower the van and add 4.5 quarts of oil to the engine through the fill hole in the valve cover. Start the engine and run it for a few seconds, then turn it off. Check the oil reading on the distick and it should be it operating range-DONE. Back to the cooling system-------
Now, make sure the engine is cooled down and remove the radiator cap, Start the van and add coolant to the radiator until its full, and put the cap back on. Over to the right is the overflow reservoir for the coolant, fill it to the full line. Make sure you mix the coolant with water(50% water/50% coolant) before filling cooling system. Also be careful when removing the gasket from the front cover, it is aluminum. I would use a razor blade carfully, then a scotchbrite pad to clean up the rest. You do not want to put any deep scratches in that mating surface.
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