1990 isuzu is a real headache


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1990 isuzu is a real headache

ok i have a 1990 isuzu trooper II and it hasnt been drivin in 3 years well i pulled it out of the weeds replaced all spark plugs wires and cap n rotor i had to replace alternator found exhaust was plugged by mice so i cleared it and had it running was idling on its own reving up nicely but it is lacking serious power it wont accelerate in 3rd gear let alone 4th or 5th and today i went to try it sum mor but now it wont start wldnt even fire and after my test drive yesterday it wld no longer idle on its own had to keep feathering the throttle any1 have any ideas i am really lost at this point
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I would replace the fuel filter for starters if you haven't already done that. Once the fuel pump started pumping after a 3 year layoff there's no telling what kind of crap it picked up out of the tank. Did you by any chance drain all the old fuel (and dispose of properly) and refill with fresh? There's also a chance the fuel pump itself may have gone south for the same reason the fuel filter may be clogged. Best way to check it will be with a pressure gauge.
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headache still

yes i already had replaced fuel filterand checked fuel pressure is fine yes it has fresh gas i drained tank back when i parked it and recently when i tried to start it again i put sum gas in tank disconnected fuel line at the filter and pumped it via the pump into a drain pain all came out clean no rusty fluid at all. i have tried to adjust timing and seems where it was is best onlything left i can think of is the catalytic converter must be sumhow plugged because i even tried removing air filter to see if the problem was there.... no change it has fresh oil chg just in case the oil had sumhow broken down over time dont know where else to turn....cld say this handyman is lost in the back yard sumwhere......

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