not sure what else to do


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Question not sure what else to do

I have a 88 subaru GL 1.8 and my check engine light came on and when i had it read it said it was the EGR pressure sensor well i have replaced it 3 times. Twice it was parts from a junkyard and once it was a brand new one and the check engine light is still on. And every time we check it, it says the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas about if it could be possibly something else?
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Have you tried clearing the codes from the computer? If not, try that. Disconnecting the battery for a few minutes should clear them, I think. Read the codes just after you try to clear them to be sure.

If not that, it might be the sensor is working right and senses a real problem with the EGR system such as a bad or clogged EGR valve, loose or leaking vacuum hose, or something else like a broken wire or bad solenoid. Make sure the vacuum hoses aren't connected to the sensor wrong and electrical connector is hooked up.

Is your engine running fine otherwise? Rough idle, knocking when accelerating?
What is the code you're getting?

I'm no expert on this, so check back for other replies. You will definitely need to post the code number you are getting.
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Service Maintenance Reminder Light
Subaru Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1985-1996 Repair Guide

Some Subaru models are equipped with an EGR warning light, located in the instrument cluster,
that will illuminate at approximately 30,000-50,000 miles (48,309-80,515 km).
When the EGR light is lit, it is indicating that the EGR system should be checked,
and possibly that the EGR valve should be cleaned or replaced.

It should be noted that turbocharged California specification vehicles do not use the
warning light system.

After the EGR system has been checked and all necessary maintenance or service performed,
reset the warning light as follows:

Remove the left trim cover under the instrument panel. Pull down the warning light
connectors from behind the fuse panel.

Locate the single pin blue plug that is connected to another single pin blue plug.
Near the blue connectors is a single green connector that is not connected to any wire terminal.

Unplug the harness, and plug it into the green connector. This will reset the warning light.

NOTE**** can be 2 loose green plugs that are a match (male/Female) if so plug them together and turn
iginition on. then turn off and unplug the wires agein and that will restet the time interval..
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ok the code is a 55 not sure if pressure sensor or temp. sensor and mine doesn't have the EGR warning system light. Also, it is running fine so I am not sure what the problem is. And I disconnected the battery and that doesnt even clear it any more. So i am guessing i might need to see if there is any carbon build up and clean it and then see what happens.
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It looks like its the code for the EGR temperature sensor if it has fuel injection.

Check this site for the code and how to clear the code:
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Actually that code is for the Automatic Choke Power Stays Off. You should check to see if your PTC (Power Takeoff Choke) is getting the proper current.
Hope this helps ya,
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